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  • Tattoo # kajillion this summer. Can’t complain, they’ve been fun. This one is a “DNA family tree done in a Tim Burton style.” My clients sure know how to make me thinkkk; always keeping me on my toes. 

    Important family member’s names and dates of death will be added to the branches over the years. The branches will slowly be blacked out a little further as more room is needed. An organic, ever-evolving piece. 

    Sneak peek of my upcoming DBH design collection “What lurks beyond.” They will play with patterns and positive/ negative shapes that tell a story of giant monsters which creep just beyond our field of view. Stay tuned :)

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    © CbyD Studio, 2014

    I’m drawing Robin Williams stuff all day, and there’s no one who is stopping me. Plus Sketch Dailies gave me permission!

    I would like to sell the finished pieces to raise money for something in his honor. Maybe St Jude because he was such a big advocate for helping the children. I will keep you all posted!

    I want to draw something that will help make me feel better…but how in the world do you sum up Robin Williams in one image?.. You just can’t. I find myself sitting here staring at a blank page with a heavy heart and a million memories streaming through my mind.

    You will always be a brilliant source of inspiration for me. Thank you for a childhood full of magic.

    Rest In Peace to one hell of a person, you will clearly never be forgotten.

    My MacGyver Fashion Shoot

    CLIENT: Sassy Images, for their new Boutique Collection
    Was asked to model feature clothing inspired by my selfie-based wing tattoo series for a little online promoting. Meant to provoke sexiness, while keeping the focus on the items themselves and not the face. Letting my lips and clavicle do all the work :P
    ROLE: Model, Photog, Post Retouching/ Design
    TOOLS: Iphone 4 + self timer, Easel, 1 Desk lamp, 1 Pair of blue sheer panties for light filter, Photoshop. 
    LOCATION: Sitting on my bed.

    BAM! See why I’m like MacGyver?!

    Note to self: get new phone or spring for a real camera cause… damn. Working with low quality images is like pulling your own teeth. BUT that being said, pretty happy with the outcome & I like them small. Ready to get back to illustrating tho ^,^

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    Photoshop OCD = 1 | Deni = 0

    Being a perfectionist with my work makes me so angry sometimes.


    It makes me want to punch myself in the face. I’m tired… I don’t want to keep tweaking and refining the five hundred and twelfth layer for the umpteenth time. But I just…can’t..stooop.



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