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  • CAREER JOURNAL - Take the Good with the Bad

    The path to reaching a dream definitely has its down days. Creating work becomes a roller coaster of thoughts and emotions. One moment you’re amped up..inspired and confident. Every stroke seems perfectly placed, every color just the right shade. Then days go by and the same piece looks all wrong. It’s still not done, you second guess every decision you made along the way, and you question if you should even finish it. When the future of your entire career now hangs on the success of the next few illustrations you create, those feelings seem to be amplified. What am I doing..? Am I good enough..? God..I am never going to get out of this town.. -_-

    I guess all you can do is push through it. Try to play interference on your own negative thoughts. Drown the poisoned noise out of your subconscious so you can make it through to the euphoria of completing a piece and moving onto the next one.. inspired, creative, and confident once again. What a cycle we live in as artists. This silent madness that plays in our heads day in and day out. 

    Currently treading water in that “This-is-never-going-to-work" thought pool. I’ll let you know how the power-through-it method works. Splash number one is way behind, but almost completed. Look for it later today.

    Cheers to those currently in the same boat!
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